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Lawn Seed and Fertilizer

Largest, locally blended fertilizer supplier in Northwestern Ontario. All blends created on site with expert soils and plant growing advice. Great prices for your budget. Choose from 17-17-17, 26-4-6, or 8-32-16. Lawn seed types available include Northern Mix, Overseed Mix, Hardilawn Mix and MTO Boulevard Mix.

Some grass tips:

  1. Rake or aerate your lawn. Break up the thatch and get the air to the roots. Give the grass room to grow.
  2. Go over your lawn. Do you have moss? This could be a sign of low pH or compaction. Break up that area to get better drainage. Add lime to bring the pH to neutral.
  3. Overseed! This helps to prevent weeds and fills in the winter kill areas. We have northern seed blends to help with a nice lush lawn
  4. Fertilize. We have some great custom blended fertilizer just for your lawn. Ask us about your lawn needs. Apply when the ground is at least 5 degrees C and the grass is growing to get the best bang for your buck.

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Inside the Thunder Bay Co-op

Thunder Bay Co-operative Farm Supplies was established in 1952 when a group of Thunder Bay area farmers agreed to combine their buying power to receive better pricing on seed, fertilizer and other products. Since then, the Co-op has been opened to the public and begun expansions in order to better serve farmers, home-owners and seasonal residents in Northwestern Ontario.

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