Lawn, Home and Garden

Lawn seed

The most cost-effective way to landscape.  Whether you’ve got kids, pets, sun or shade you’ll be able to grow the thickest, greenest lawn you could ask for with our lawn seed blends, engineered for our northern climate and active use.  Talk to us about your plans and we’ll help you determine how much you need, which blend you should use and how best to sow for gorgeous results.

Grass and forage seeds are supplied through General Seed Company.


We blend our own fertilizer for your lawn and garden needs with just the boost for your plants to grow, grow, and grow.  Most fertilizer blends are created on site with urea, ammonium sulphate, monammonium phosphate and potash. To read a fertilizer name, the first number is the percentage of nitrogen, the second number is the percentage of phosphorus and the third number is the percentage of potassium.  Talk to us about the best choice for your plants.

The most popular blends are:

  • 17-17-17, an all-purpose lawn and garden fertilizer
  • 8-32-16, starter fertilizer for your lawn or great for your flowering plants
  • 26-4-6, slow release lawn fertilizer that releases nitrogen after rain throughout the growing season

Gardening Supplies

We have supplies to start your plants indoors, soil options such as Promix, black earth and manure as well as seeds, seed potatoes and onion sets for your garden.